Hi, soon this pool will have Sso enabled, single sign on, one account logs into all pools, please register a new account on one of the other pools with Sso enabled, in preparation for when its enabled in this pool, when Sso is enabled you will need to re-add worker/pass & payment address, all current workers will become invalid & your miner will not connect. Thanks
Block Statistics
ID 16,593 Height 862,308 Amount 0 Confirmations Confirmed
Difficulty 32.248686656274 Time 2021-01-19 21:07:31 Shares 1,547,889 Finder Djafull
Round Shares
Rank User Name Valid Invalid Invalid %
1 Djafull 1,547,890 0 0.00
Round Transactions
User Name Type Round Shares Round % Amount
Djafull Credit 1,547,890 100.00 0.12500000